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All of your hopes, dreams and aspirations should have been realized at this point in your aging journey. What is wrong?  Why do you feel the way you do? Everything seems almost as confusing as when you were a teenager. Should it be this way?  Are you "normal" ? Explore your feelings at Mid-Life with Dr. Robert Fleisher as he....MORE>
About The Author
Treating over thirty thousand patients, Dr. Robert Fleisher has had the unique opportunity to observe and study the aging process 'up close' with inside information. Humor and astute observation are his trademarks. MORE>
"Fifty Something" is the latest work by Dr. Robert Fleisher 
  So what are the fifties all about? You realize you know more dead people than ever before. You think you're never too old to be cool, in shape and healthy. Not true! Some of you are already starting to look old, feel old and act old. How many years of quality life do you have left?  MORE>
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